Hello, my name is Charlie Ziegenhorn and I’m the owner and operator of my own video production company in Sikeston, MO called "Z-Productions". I decided to start my own video company because I have been interested in doing my own video projects ever since I was young. I was first interested in video production when I was a junior in high school. My high school has a vocational TV program class where you can learn how to shoot and edit and learn about TV and broadcasting. The school even has its own local TV channel for broadcasting local sporting events and other things as well. 
  When I got into college at Southeast Missouri State University, I began to see just how much I really enjoyed shooting and editing videos. While going to school at Southeast, I got a job working as a production technician for KFVS-12 Heartland News on the local CBS TV station. I had many jobs, from working studio cameras during newscasts to designing graphics for shows, to working the audio board. While working in production, I had the opportunity to split time and work in the news department as a part-time news photographer which was an amazing experience! I got to go out with reporters and actually shoot news and sports stories that would run on air that day. Not only has working for a major TV station helped me with my resume, but I got to be involved in plenty of projects during my time in the video program at Southeast. I produced a monthly TV show called "river tales" in which my classmates and I went out and shot stories, local things or events that were later played on one of the KFVS-12 stations. 
  Upon graduating in 2008 with my college degree, I took a full-time news photographer position with KFVS in their Southern Illinois newsroom for six months until budget cutbacks within the station eliminated my position. Soon after that, I went back to work for my father at his garage door business. However, I missed editing and shooting video, so in March, 2010 I decided that I was going to pursue opening my own video production company based in Sikeston, MO.I started Z-Productions in July of 2010 with the goal to provide video services (shooting, editing, graphic design) to young couples getting married, to produce promotional videos for businesses, and any other form of video production.
So please feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call anytime with any questions you may have.

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